Escape from the storm zone

What is storm zone?

In the course of the game, the safe area will shrink continuously, the storm outside the safe area will continue to be harmed as long as it touches. Open the big map according to Tab, the white circle is the safe area, and the blue one is the area where the storm has spread. When you enter the safe area, the map will mark you and the safe area nearest when you are outside the safe area. The fastest way to get to your destination is along the white line.

Note: If it’s too far from the White Safety Zone, remember to act early to avoid getting lost in the storm.

Run away from the storm zone quickly

The circle of storms shrinks rapidly. What if it is located far from the safety zone? There are two kinds of vehicles in the game: shopping cart and kart. Vehicles are refreshed randomly on the map, so don’t miss them when you see them. They are good helpers to escape the storm circle.

Shopping cart: You can ride two people, you need one person to push it forward, while your teammates stand on it and shoot, taxiing faster than running.

Kart: You can ride in a 4-person team and shoot in the back seat! You can press the space bar to drift and speed up after drift. The barn can eject players. It’s like a bounce trap. It’s great.