How to land fast in Fortnite

Players who land first can acquire weapons and equipment earlier, which is more beneficial to protect themselves or kill enemies who just landed, so when you decide where to jump, all you have to do is to land earlier and more accurately than your enemies. Here are a few tips to help you land quickly in the game.

Choose the right jumping time

Keep in mind that the vertical line is not the fastest between the route and the marking point! In the case of a long distance from the destination, it is not necessary to wait until the nearest distance to jump off, and a little earlier take-off will arrive faster. (PS: The farther the target is from the route, the more time it takes to advance.)

Pick the fastest landing way

To learn how to land fast in this game, we first need to understand the following knowledge points:

  • The paraglider can be switched on and off repeatedly, so when the target point is very far away, it can open the paraglider and glide for a certain distance before falling freely.
  • The speed of free falling body flying flat is very slow, and the speed of flying energy under syncline is faster.
  • The distance of mandatory parachute opening before landing is very long (about 1.5 map lattices), so it is most appropriate to mandatory parachute opening when we freely fall to 1.5 grid from the target point.

Try to land on the roof

The top attic of many kinds of buildings is likely to contain treasure boxes so that you can get equipment quickly. At the same time, landing on the roof is more convenient to understand the enemy situation, and can observe the landing position of other players for the first time. When you dig down from the roof, it is not easy to be shot by the enemy by using the building walls as shelters.

Fortnite Landing roof