How to search resource effectively

Get your resource as soon as you can

The first thing to land is to enter the room. Guns, props and medicines are usually placed on the floor. Guns bring bullets with them so that you can defend yourself first. At the same time, don’t neglect the ammunition box in the room. The ammunition box can fire various kinds of bullets at random, which can increase your battle endurance.

Note: Firearms and props are picked up by pressing the acquisition key (default is E). Ammunition boxes need to be opened by pressing E for a period of time. Bullets and materials are picked up automatically when they are close to each other.

Looking for treasure chest

Treasure chest are hidden in corners or roofs that are not easy to find. Close to the treasure boxes, according to Gathering Health (default is E), a large number of materials will be opened up, and the greater probability includes high-quality weapons and a variety of interesting items! When you hear the continuous humming, it means that the treasure box is not far from you. You can judge the location of the treasure box according to the distance and direction of the sound. It is usually easier to find treasure boxes on roofs, basements, carriages, bushes and other places.

The most common treasure chest is found in the attic on the roof, where it is located by sound, and then hoed off the ceiling with a ladder to find it. (Attention: If you hoe the floor where the treasure chest is located, it will disappear!)

Manage your resource

Press the “Alt” key to switch out of the equipment interface, in addition to hoes, you can also carry five pieces of equipment, using the mouse drag can switch the location of equipment. Continue picking up when the equipment bar is full, replacing your current items. You need to be flexible in choosing the firearms and props that are best for you. Don’t forget to carry assault rifles that can be used for long-range combat and shotguns or submachine guns that are suitable for close combat.

When you want to share resources, press “Alt” to open the backpack, select the items you want to share with the mouse, and then click Z to throw out half of the items immediately, or click X to select the number of pop-ups. It’s up to you to decide how much you want to throw out.