Learn to know your weapons and equipment

Weapons Types

There is no weapon accessories in fortnite game. Weapons of different classes have their own characteristics according to their color and grade. Shotguns and submachine guns are suitable for close combat, assault rifles are suitable for medium and long-range fire suppression, sniper guns are suitable for long-range attack, machine guns and high explosive weapons can quickly dismantle enemy bunkers.

How to shoot

The left mouse button can be clicked to shoot, hold down the right mouse button to enter the aiming state, sniper gun can open the mirror, at this time can be more precise in targeting the enemy, but the speed of movement will also slow down. During the night of the fortress, most of the firearms have a stable trajectory, and the bullets will not continue to spread after 1-2 seconds of continuous firing.

Various Equipment

In addition to guns, there are many interesting things in the game waiting for you to discover their uses! For example, the awkward dancing grenades that will force you to dance when you are hit can make the launch pad for you to fly again, which is absolutely fun and practical.

Supplementary items

In addition to the green blood bar, the character also has a blue shield bar. All kinds of shield agents can supplement your shield value and protect you from damage. If you are injured, you can use bandages and first aid kits for treatment. Juice and protruding pot can return blood to shield at the same time, is the best combat partner!